About Edward Melendez

Ed Melendez has been engaged in healthcare for over ten years with a particular focus on population health strategies to succeed in value-based care.

He was the leader of the healthcare practice at Sense Corp and prior to that, he lead engagements for Lumeris, helping health plans, hospitals and Accountable Care Organizations evolve their organizations into higher-performing delivery systems.

As Principal at TMO Consulting,  Ed works to impact healthcare and social services delivery. His clients have included the Louisiana Public Health Institute, the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center and the Integrated Care Collaboration in Austin, TX. He has also worked in operations and business development positions for technology companies including NTT Communications.

Ed studied Religion and Classical Languages at the University of New Mexico and has studied at the Universities of New Orleans and Havana. He is a fellow of The Institute of Politics at Loyola University New Orleans, where he lived for 15 years. He holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the Acton School of Business. He lives in Austin, TX with his wife Cassandra and son Santiago.

All opinions are those of Edward Melendez and do not reflect those of any organization.



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